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Seasonal Synchronization

Every purchase and customer referral earns you Balance Points. Earn even more points on season-specific product purchases.


Reap the Balance Rewards

Every Balance Point you gather takes you closer to the next level of your wellness journey. Use points on exclusive offers and discounts on your favorite Alphay products.

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Seasons of Wellness

Each season corresponds to a specific product, emphasizing the importance of nourishing the body in alignment with nature's rhythms. As a club member, you're encouraged to integrate these seasonal products into your routine to maintain balance. To support you on this journey, Alphay rewards you with extra points for purchasing the highlighted product during its respective season.

Redeeming Your Points

For every dollar spent on Alphay products, club members will receive 2 Balance Points. Your Balance Points Can be used toward any Alphay product. There's no minimum amount required for redemption.


Balance Points: 118

Balance Points: 46

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Wellness & Longevity Reward Club

Being a part of the Alphay Wellness & Longevity Reward Club is more than just earning points. It's about embracing a lifestyle of wellness and longevity. As a club member, you're not just a participant; you're a valued part of our community, dedicated to holistic wellness.

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