California Customers - Prop 65

What is Proposition 65? 

In 1986 the State of California passed Proposition 65, formally known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. It is an initiative approved by California voters to address concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals. It requires the state to publish a list of chemicals and heavy metals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

As of August 2018, Proposition 65 requires foods and supplements sold in California to include a “clear and reasonable” warning to consumers about any potential exposure to any of the more than 800 chemicals and heavy metals on the list. Visit for more information.  

Do your products contain heavy-metals?

Most natural products contain trace amounts. That organic salad you consumed today? It likely did, too.  Remember that there are naturally derived heavy metals in the soil in which ingredients are grown. 

Alphay products undergo heavy-metal testing before any product is released into the market; they meet the Prop 65 heavy metals safe harbors. 


ALPHAY Standards (mg/kg)

Lead (Pb)

<0.1 mg/kg

Arsenic (As)

<0.3 mg/kg

Mercury (Hg)

<0.1 mg/kg

Cadmium (Cd)

<0.02 mg/kg

Note that these amounts are per kilogram (kg), not per container or serving.  1,000,000 mg = 1 kg.

Rest assured that the purity and safety of the products is always Alphay’s priority.  As an organization, we have a global commitment to product licensing and safety requirements worldwide. When you consume Alphay, you know you are consuming clean, safe product.    

I live outside of California and never heard of Prop 65. Why did you add the Prop 65 statement?

We understand that many customers outside of California are unfamiliar with Prop 65 and may panic when they see the warnings. No need to panic. 

We added the statement because we have a large customer base in California whom we love. California has among – if not the - strictest environmental standards in the nation, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be held accountable to, and meet, such high standards. Meeting the Prop 65 safe harbors for heavy metals is just one of many ways Alphay brings you product you can trust.