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About the Alphay brand 

The name Alphay is synonymous with:  Reputation. Experience. Passion. Commitment. Quality. Purity.  Innovation.  

Founded by the Chen family, Jiangsu Alphay Bio-Technology boasts a 60 year-strong commitment to the advancement of the scientific field of mycology and the edible and medicinal mushroom industry.  Since 1959, the family has dedicated its resources to bringing the benefits of the revered lingzhi mushroom to the world.  Known as The King of Lingzhi, at one time, Alphay supplied to the world 70% of all lingzhi grown in China.  Their campus in Nantong is a testament to the power of the lingzhi mushroom, its revered position in traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, and a heartfelt tribute to its cultural significance and longevity.   

Alphay is home to 75+ on-staff scientists and herbalists, each dedicated to researching and formulating the highest quality products available in the market. The company’s head scientists are recognized for being among the first in China to study the pharmacological properties of Lingzhi. They are the pioneers of the industry, respected academics, innovators, and visionaries, led by the company’s Chairman, Mr. Hui Chen, who recently was appointed the industrial director of the Institute of Edible Fungi of the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 

Alphay’s other accolades in recent years include:  first place Jiangsu Science and Technology AwardNational Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural IndustrializationTop 100 Social Responsibility Enterprises in the Chinese Food Industry, Top Laboratory for Edible Mushroom ProcessingQuality and Integrity Benchmarking Model Enterprise AwardModel Enterprise for Labor RelationsTop 10 brands of Ganoderma, and Honest Brand Enterprise distinction. As a respected industry leader, Alphay is the only entity twice asked to host the International Medicinal Mushroom Conference, a prestigious conference bringing together the world’s top minds in the field of mycology.   

As the exclusive partner of Jiangsu Alphay Bio-Technology in the United States, Alphay Distribution USA is committed to bringing you the highest quality edible and medicinal mushroom formulations. We proudly join the Chen Family’s mission of bringing the benefits of lingzhi to every household in the world and supporting your journey to get Back to Balanced.  

The Alphay brand:  Reputation. Experience. Passion. Commitment. Quality. Purity. Innovation. 

Brought to you exclusively by Alphay Distribution USA.